30sec tv ad - snack foods

Two guys/friends meet up and one offers the other a taste

(no dialogue -included for description only)

guy2 realising that this is going to be a yum experience so quickly distracts guy1

guy2 then flicks the chips out of the packet

slo-mo/sped up shot where guy1 is still looking at the distraction and guy2 is picking off all the chips that are hanging in slow motion (almost a matrix effect meets d\kunfu panda)

guy1 looks back into his packet and realises that the chips are all gone -

no logic explination except that guy2 may have had something to do with it -

guy2 acts just as surprised

his full cheaks, a smile and the occasional crunch gives him away

cut to pack shot - final shot (not attached) is them walking off and having a laugh as if they both know that these chips are irresistable. pay-off along the lines of 'its a chip, its a snack, it yum, its a crazy hunger buster that you cant control!'

campaign concept is we have a range of funny moments involving the chips and subtly brings people together that maybe in any other circumstance wouldnt have happened.