30sec tv ad II
- snack foods

cute girl walks down street and opens a packet of chips

(no dialogue -included for description only)

she walks past a cute guy and he checks her out and smiles
(not sure if its her or the chips hes appreciating)

her heel brakes!

and she falls back and all her chips are flung out the packet

the cute guy sees this!

cute guy catches the girl and picks the chips out of the air and munches them


the girl looks into her packet and scans the area for her chips

guy looks at the camera, smiles and munches at the chips, she looks at her new found hero

they look at each other and she smiles

cut to pack shot - final shot (not attached) is them walking off and having a laugh as if they both know that these chips are irresistable. pay-off along the lines of 'its a chip, its a snack, it yum, its a crazy hunger buster that you cant control!'

campaign concept is we have a range of funny moments involving the chips and subtly brings people together that maybe in any other circumstance wouldnt have happened.

storyboard evolution & scene layout
treatment 1: chips flying thru the air

girl exits bus

heads down the road

slow motion of chips floating in the air

rescue moment for final scene


other storyboard example